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about 365 SGC run Walk

365 SGC Run Walk means 365 Supporting Good Causes Run or Walk and is a running walking movement consisting of runners, walkers, running clubs, and event organizers that through running are supporting good causes. Our 365 SGC Run Walk logo has a deep meaning.

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5 colors

The 365 SGC Run Walk logo has 5 colors. The blue is Europe, Red is America, Green is Oceania, Yellow is Asia and Black is Africa! Runners, Walkers and especially Running clubs from all continents are running with 365 SGC Run Walk! 

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What about the number 365?

These are the number of days in a year, meaning every day or any day is good for running supporting good causes!

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365 SGC Run WALK members

Runners, Walkers Running Clubs and event organizers can register with 365 SGC Run Walk and become an officially accreditated member, club, or event and use the official 365 SGC Logo. 

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365 SGC Run WALK

We are not a running club but a running/walking movement of giving that runs/walks in all 5 (colors) continents, on any or all of the 365 days, 3.65km or more km, always supporting good causes! 365 SGC Run Walk supports only events and running clubs that are Supporting Good Causes! Join us now too! Together we can do so much more!

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